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INFLECT (2004)

for alto saxophone and percussion


written for Yesaroun Duo (Eric Hewett and Sam Solomon)


The piece is divided into two contrasting sections, each reflecting two opposite approaches to time: internal and external, respectively. In the first part, time has a cognitive function. It’s nothing but inner sense. With a more phenomenological view, this relation between time and experience is a flux of consciousness; within it the musical objects are constituted.

In the second section, time is linked more to physical world. It’s mechanical and unidirectional. Here, I tried to define time as absolute flow against which motion is measured. Here, the aspect of continuity has a priority over the aspect of change. The title refers both to the alterations of form by additions and expansions and also to the use of curves to calculate those alterations.


The score is availble through Babel Scores.



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