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for chamber orchestra

(fl, cl, bcl, hn, tpt, trb, 2 perc., pn, 2 vls, vla, vcl, cb)


How the city grows one layer upon another over the years has always fascinated me. With each new layer, a new spatial configuration comes into being, be it through transformation, metamorphosis or disintegration. One of the most precious moments in Istanbul for me is when I run into a medieval Byzantine monastery in the midst of a modern cityscape. Often these two cityscapes are disconnected from each other and they embody their own temporal reality. 


This piece is a lament for the long lost Byzantium of Istanbul. Through a chant, the traces of this lost land appear in a musical layer but are simultaneously assimilated into the dominant homogenous texture. 


The score is availble through Babel Scores.

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