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PERIDROME (2004 - 2010)

for violin and live electronics


Peridrome is a continuous work in progress for me. Much like a building where different layers are added over the years, this piece contains musical materials from at least 4 different periods, which span 7 years now. In a way it’s a personal archeology where my oldest musical ideas are combined with the newest. As the title implies, this piece itself is conceived almost as an arch form. This actually becomes quite literal in the middle of the piece where electronics reverse what the violin played. Although the character of the music follows this structure, the function of electronics has a more linear trajectory. They start with transformative processing where the computer creates a halo around the violin. Towards the end of the piece, electronics become more generative and create harmonies where the violin almost becomes one of the oscillators.


The score is availble through Babel Scores.

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