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for piano


This piece is a product of my fascination in Tanpinar’s poetry. He is mostly known as a novelist but also produced a number of poems, which has very strong Bergsonian undertones.  Most of his works can be read against the background of Bergson’s ideas on what is material and intuition. This piece, which takes its title from a poem by Tanpinar, explores this idea further by reflecting two different experiences of reality. In Tanpinar this usually leads the subject to dualism of his soul. In the piece, this dichotomy manifests itself in various ways, and constitutes the backdrop of a dialectic unfolding.

The polarity between concrete and abstract, internal and external time, subjective and objective are all part of this dichotomy. The piece is really about the dialectic relationship between musical layers representing these concepts, which are spread throughout the piece both vertically and horizontally.


For more information, you can listen to the pre-concert podcast on


In the Temporal Gardens is written for Seda Röder and dedicated to her.


The score is availble through Babel Scores.

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