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ANACLASIS (2010-18)

for tuba and orchestra


The piece is not much of a concerto in the traditional sense. It doesn’t try to establish any of the traditional roles of the soloist and the accompaniment. The tuba works more like a generator or initiator of musical materials while the orchestra extends and magnifies these materials. At times, the piece functions like a prism where materials generated by the tuba are refracted as they reach the orchestra, much like the color prism where white light is split into a color-spectrum. Here, the tuba, the lowest voice of the orchestra, has its timbre split and each partial is picked up by the orchestra. Other times, the orchestra is the aura around the tuba, putting it on a pedestal while illuminating it. Ultimately what the piece tries to achieve is to create a super-instrument out of the tuba soloist. 


The score is availble through Babel Scores.


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